A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.
Henry Ford

Welcome to Infologica website!

Infologica is an information technology (IT) services and solutions company.

Our core activities are focused on:

   exciting our clients by offering complete and tailor-made solutions;

   helping our clients to improve their business activities and IT effectiveness by providing a broad scale of services;

   turning our client ideas into results through providing quality products.


Our goal is permanent company improvement in service to our contented clients.

We achive our goal because we are:

   Responsible and Trained – We do what we have promised to do. We are clear that to create quality products we have to be always highly educated and well informed as the information technologies is quite dynamical “matter” and we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge;

   Considerate and Proud of Our Work – We have respect for our clients because they are professionalists. We are not simply getting done with our job but we are trying to find the best decision for our clients' problems;

   Realizing Our Clients – For us each client is unique in how they manage and we know that they need unique decision. As solution providers, we get acquainted with our clients’ main activity and applying our knowledge and experience we are searching for the appropriate technology solutions in regard to their requirements.